Tips On How To Prepare Your House For An Extension Project

Many homeowners choose to have an extension for various reasons. For some, they wish to make use of their extra space. They wanted to have a new room for the new family member. Others just like to have a bigger living room or kitchen. There are also some who wish to have a garden to entertain guests and relax. By improving their small space, some homeowners can ensure the comfort of their family.However, it is essential to know that although a house extension is a perfect solution, you cannot just start it immediately. As such, here are the things that you need to consider before a house extension project: 

Check the Home’s Existing Structure

Your home must have existing structural columns and walls that your contractor can use to link the extension. If there is none, then the trusted renovation builders will have to build a new one.

Study the House Area

Another tip is to study the house perimeter and area. If the area is too small, then it defeats the purpose of making a bigger house. With this, some of the home renovation Glen Iris projects nowadays are built at the rear. They do this not at the front of the house. This technique will preserve the original character of the façade. Also, you can take advantage of the space in the backyard.

Prepare the Budget for your Project

There are many things to consider in a house extension project. This includes retaining the walls, adding a foundation, building a new flooring, and new roof. Overall, this can entail expensive costs that will soon pile up until the end.As such, it is best to consult an architect so you can save money, time, and mistakes in the future. Remember that you will have to secure permits for major renovations in your home.

Check the Neighborhood

If you are living in a terraced property or semi-detached home, it is important to consider your neighbors. Any project that you have can possibly destroy their property.If your extension project will include digging foundations within the 3-meter party wall or boundary, then you will have to comply with the law. Before starting the project, have a written agreement between you and the affected neighbors.

Easy Site Access

You will need to consider how the deliveries will reach your location. Access to the project site is important but it is often overlooked. If there is no driveway space, then you will have to find ways to unload large items. Also, you have to determine where the trades and tools will be stored as the project continues.