Four Easy And Effective Tips To Clean Your Windows

High length glass windows are all sophisticated and cool until summer rolls by and there’s a thick layer of dust coating them or winter kicks in and brings along fog. And if you’ve got kids, you’ll have a guaranteed work of art, scrawled on them proving their artistic attempts. Whatsoever cleaning windows can be chaotic chore, sometimes the results don’t end up as stunning as they’re expected even after long agitating hours of scrubbing. Read below for better results with these few easy and effective tips listed below.

Take A Look At The Weather.

Is it a wonderful bright and sunny day outside? If yes then, you should probably pack up your soapy water bucket and scrubbers and walk back in. If you clean your windows in direct sunlight or even when it’s a windy day, the heat and the wind could cause the water in the cleaning solution to evaporate quicker. This will leave streaks on the windows whilst you’re still using the squeegee. In addition whether you’re cleaning windows or getting a commercial glass door replacement, don’t get them done on cold days because cleaning solutions used can freeze before you use the sponge.

Take Down The Blinds And Curtains.

If you’re going to clean off your windows, might as well start from scratch. I mean the last time your blinds had a thorough wash was probably back in 1920s when you didn’t exist. Yeah I was exaggerating but, if your drapes are coated with cobwebs, cleaning your windows won’t be any effective as they’re likely to get dirty again. So give them a proper wash and dust the window sills and areas around the windows.

Use A New Blade Every Time.

Blade? On glass windows? Have I gone bonkers? If that’s what you’re thinking, no I haven’t, at least not yet. If you’ve got your windows fixed after Googling for window glass repair Harrisdale, you probably had your sills painted as well. And using a razor blade would help you to remove paint overspray and gunk. The key here is to use a new blade each time whilst the glass is wet because the rust particles on the blade can scratch the glass.